Our team speaks the following languages: German, English, Romanian, Hungarian. Additionally, documents in Spanish, Italian and French can also be submitted without problem.

Please note that this is a private practice. As a rule, those with statutory health insurance cannot settle the benefits with their health insurance company. Private patients can submit the bills to their insurance company themselves, but we cannot guarantee that the costs will be covered.

Our practice is WiFi- and perfume-free and is located on the ground floor. We ask patients not to wear perfume during the appointment as some patients suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). We also ask patients to switch their mobile devices to flight mode during their visit to the practice, as some patients are electrosensitive.


The practice is located in downtown Neu-Ulm and is easy to reach by public transport and car.

If you arrive by bus, please use the Augsburger Tor or Rathaus Neu-Ulm stops.

Deep Diagnosis
Donaustr. 26
89231 Neu-Ulm

+49 152 256 243 03

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We ask for your understanding that 100% of the service will be charged if you fail to attend the appointment without an excuse or if you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours in advance.

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