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Our private practice, Deep Diagnosis, was founded primarily with the intent to help patients with chronic and long-term illnesses. Clinical environmental medicine and functional medicine relate to the targeted search for the causes of a disease, not with the symptomatic treatment of the complaints. This is a key difference in approach that excites us.

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Julia Ferencz

I founded my private practice Deep Diagnosis to help patients with chronic and long-term illnesses, as well as to offer applications to improve performance, identify and treat burnout states, fatigue syndromes, psychosomatic illnesses and also to care for entire families. Functional medicine, Clinical environmental medicine and Root-cause medicine deal with the targeted search for the causes of a disease, not with the symptomatic treatment of the complaints. This is a key difference in approach that excites me.

I am a specialist in anaesthesiology with 20 years experience in oncological research and innovation and have completed various medical and well-founded further training courses in the fields of functional medicine, clinical environmental medicine, root-cause medicine, metal toxicology and immunology. For me, this is an ongoing and always up-to-date process to ensure that my knowledge is always current and relevant to modern science.

When I was a student, I was allowed to describe my perspective on psychosomatic illnesses for a publication. My wishes for the acceptance of such clinical illnesses hardly deviate from my current ones. Only today I can do something about it myself! The restrictions in the searching for the cause of a malady during my time in the clinic also made me go in exactly this medical direction. Today, in my practice alone, I have more test options than in many places, even in hospitals.

I love my job and it doesn’t end with a diagnosis, it starts at that point!

Doctor-medic Julia Ferencz

CV / Publications

If you are interested, you can find all previous publications that I have written or contributed to over the course of my career on ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Medical Networking

One can not know everything! In recent years I have built up a broad network with other doctors, laboratories and providers of psychological coaching in the field of functional medicine and clinical environmental medicine. Colleagues from general medicine, dentistry and oral surgery are represented in this network. Through a constant exchange of information with my colleagues, I can ensure that my patients are cared for and treated in the best possible way.

However, I don’t just want to use this network for myself, I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why I launched the website in early 2023. The purpose is to be able to guarantee local treatment and follow-up treatment. The site is currently still under construction. If you are interested or wish to be included with your services, please contact us in writing by email at or directly via the registration form on the website.

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