Deep Diagnosis
Most diagnoses are superficial.
They are merely the tips of the iceberg.
The underlying causes are often not even considered medically.
That's why my team and I have dedicated ourselves to finding these underlying causes.

To help you at short notice.
And to heal you in the long run.


Julia Ferencz

I founded my private practice, Deep Diagnosis, to help patients with chronic and long-term illnesses, as well as to offer services to improve performance, identify and treat burnout states, fatigue syndromes, psychosomatic illnesses and also to care for entire families. Functional medicine, clinical environmental medicine and root-cause medicine deal with the targeted search for the causes of a disease, not with the symptomatic treatment of the complaints. That’s a key difference in approach that excites me personally. In addition, we not only deal with the treatment of diseases, but also with the prevention of a wide variety of ailments and maintaining health.

I love my job and it doesn’t end with a diagnosis, it starts at that point!

Doctor-medic Julia Ferencz


In our private practice we offer a wide range of high-quality and unique services to perform all individual treatments.

In practice, this means that there is a greater focus on holistic healthcare and our approach combines a variety of modern technologies in order to provide holistic care and treatment, from prevention to recovery.

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